Spousal Support in Alberta


Gavel and Justice Scales

Spousal Support As A Part Of Divorce

Spousal support is not automatically considered by the courts. The Queck family law team has experience in handling issues in this area and can help you consider different strategies to create support solutions that realize your financial needs.

Addressing Your Questions & Concerns about Spousal Support

Many recipients are concerned about whether the support will be enough to continue living the way they’re accustomed to. For individuals who are providing, a common concern is that recipients of the support will become self-sufficient. Just like child support, it is important that payments are paid in full and on time. Whatever your concern, we are here to work on your behalf.

Whether you are looking for a skilled negotiator, or someone to fight to protect your financial future, Queck family law team is here to work on your behalf and address your concerns so you can make informed choices. To learn more about spousal support, arrange for a consultation with one of Queck family lawyers.