Employment Law


We represent clients in disputes over contracts, personal injuries, employment, real estate, construction, negligence, malpractice, damages to property, civil rights, and other matters. We go to court when appropriate but also explore cheaper, better means of resolving disputes. Whether you wish make a claim or are being sued yourself, contact us for help.


If you have lost your job or experienced discrimination, harassment, or unsafe conditions in the workplace, you may benefit from legal advice. Contact us to find out what you can do.


Contracts are a frequent source of disputes. Contact one of our experienced civil litigators to understand your rights and find out how to assert them effectively.


Administrative decisions of all kinds can be reviewed by the courts. Our litigators can advise you on your options for contesting an administrative decision that you consider incorrect.


A poor outcome in court need not be final. Some cases are suitable for appeal to a higher court. An appeal is best left to an experienced litigator with the right skills. Consult us about your chances of a successful appeal.