Oil & Gas Law

The global economic importance of oil and gas and the chain of complex operations required to remove these resources from their in-situ locations, either onshore or offshore, and to refine them for final consumption, requires a perfect understanding and application of the laws that regulate every step and aspect of oil and gas operations. The ownership of these resources will usually be transferred to an operator who will require the services of a drilling company or contractor, supplier, and other service providers to complete various specialized tasks for a successful project to be completed. Every level of operation requires a specialized contract. This also requires the right expertise to negotiate the contract, or review existing contracts, or draft new contracts. Same expertise is required to enforce the rights under these contracts, bring claims or defend against wrongful claims.

Negotiations, Review and Drafting

Our expertise covers the upstream, downstream and midstream operations. We represent governments or resources holders, International Oil Companies (IOCSs), or National Oil Companies (NOCs) to negotiate, review and draft Production Sharing Agreements (Production Sharing Contracts), Lease Agreements, or Licenses, as the case may be. We assist in the resolution of disputes when they occur and pursue or defend claims when mediation and other dispute resolution measures do not succeed.

Our services also include negotiating, reviewing and drafting of contracts with refineries, transporters and distributors of both crude and refined products, while ensuring disputes do not occur or that they are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties when they occur.

Onshore Drilling

Financial and Agency Services 

We engage our network of investors to secure the necessary funding for major operations while sourcing operators, contractors, suppliers and service providers to complete operations on behalf of our clients. We assist in planning the operations according to the projected time frames and assist in administrative, fiscal, logistics and ancillary services required to complete major operations through collaboration with partners across several countries in Africa. We assist our clients according to their specific needs, creating the links between our clients and the right operators for all their projects, as well as sourcing the funding required, and preparing all applicable contracts, and providing related legal services. 

Mitigation of Risks

The delicate nature of particular tasks and operations require specific skills at particular intervals of operations, to ensure specific tasks are completed free of any risks and within specific time frames. We assist clients with the sourcing and recruitment of key personnel from other regions, especially from Africa, to specific locations to complete particular tasks. This is to supplement labor requirements to meet specific deadlines and safe costs. We also complete all immigration requirements for these foreign temporal workers to ensure our clients focus on their core activities while we handle ancillary services on their behalf.

Related Complimentary Legal Services

We consider the sensitivity of oil and gas contracts for various services, employment, operations, storage, transportation, commercial transactions, etc. both international and local, and have tailored our legal services to cover personal injury claims and defense, employment and labor disputes, commercial and civil litigation. 

This is a one-stop-shop to our clients to dispense with the need to employ any other legal and operations services provider to handle some aspects of their legal needs.