Services Offered At Queck & Associates


Queck & Associates has a wealth of experience in criminal law. Whether you are facing charges such as DUI or seeking bail hearings and appeals,  Queck & Associates will be able to provide you with the best path. Our team of strong, knowledgeable advocates will be able to explain the process and help to reduce the stress that can result from these types of legal issues.


Family law is often an emotionally intense, complex, and tumultuous period of one’s life. Queck & Associates family law team understands this and is committed to providing strong representation and common sense to assist you through your family law issues. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, or need advice in relation to child support or custody, our team is here to help guide you through your family law matter.


Queck & Associates offers services for buying, selling, or refinancing your property. Our team has considerable experience in residential real estate transactions and would love to provide you with the information and assistance to get your deal done. Contact us today if you would love to have one of our experienced real estate lawyers walk you through the process step by step.


The practice of Collaborative Law involves a “team” approach to resolving your family law disputes by utilizing an interest-based approach to negotiations. You and your spouse agree in writing to disclose all relevant information and to proceed respectfully in an effort to move towards settlement without going to court. Four way meetings provide a structured setting so that parties and their counsel can communicate and negotiate directly with one another and disclose necessary information freely in order to come to an agreement.

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